Sun Body Butter

Sun Body Butter (8oz)

This product is a delightful treat to your skin.  Sun Body Butter contains Shea Butter and Dead Sea Minerals with a high magnesium concentration (MG48).  The lemongrass smell will enlighten your senses.



Sun Body Scrub

Sun Body Scrub (8oz)

This stuff Rocks!  Sun Body Scrub contains Dead Sea Salt and many skin renewing oils and will rejuvenate  your skin by removing dry, unwanted dead skin cells and you will enjoy lemongrass smell to boot!




Sun Hand Lotion (4oz)

Enriched with Shea Butter, Magnesium Enriched (MG48) Dead Sea Salts and Minerals and natural oils, this Sun Hand Lotion is just what those tired, dry hands need to restore their soft feel.




Stars Hand & Body Lotion

Stars Hand & Body Lotion (4oz)

This lotion will replenish the skin’s moisture with the fantastic fragrance.  Stars Hand & Body Lotion contains many oils and minerals to leave your entire body with a spa-like experience.